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Thats the only other name I remember you by. Remember in west 5th.. I live on it, Kenny lived on the same block, Larry Giardino the bully lived on 5th also. This is Emil.

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I grew up here and it was an Italian neighborhood. Now it is a Chinese neighborhood. I was told that there was an Underground Railroad passage between the original cemetery and one of the houses. When I moved to SI 30 years ago he lived down the block from me. Spent many hours playing stickball and softball at PS and This is an awesome trip down memory lane. My biggest regret is not appreciating the history of the area when I lived there.

I looked at a lot of those historic houses and at the time just thought they were old houses. Ah the ignorance of youth.

Had I known I might not have ever left the area. Does anyone remember what was at the corner of east 2nd and Avenue U before that ugliness was built? BTW I still have a giant vinyl N signage that went on the front of the N train on a scroll so you could change what the train it was.

Thanks for this. Going from East 3rd to East 2nd. All the stores had second floor apartments above, but I think the tailor shop had 3 or 4 stories. Thank you for sharing this. Lived on whitney Pl. That was one block behind Ave.

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Kids went to PS Great restaurants. Wonderful stores. How about the live chicken market on MacDonald Ave? When my kids were babies I used to walk down the side streets and see the remnants of farms and historical homes. Wonderful area — Gravesend. It was in the family for many years.

We happily lived above the bakery surrounded by our large italian family. My brother and I went to Sts.

March 14, 2007

Miss all those wonderful neighborhood stores….. I used to love to go in the back as a little boy and see the big mixers. Once or twice I climbed up on the big pile big to me of coal in the back yard. I remember Lisnows who sold rugs and Ber Kay Drug store just a few doors from your Dads bakery There was a bar and grill next to the pharmacy. Hi I just found this site about Avenue U.

Was this bakery was once called DiMarcos Bakery prior to it being Fezzas? Does anyone remember it? Later on in they opened the second Skillet Restaurant in Brighton Beach…. You left out a beautiful historic old home. It also has ties to lady Moody. Its on McDonald avenue between s and t. It is a landmark. There was DiBella Bakery for ices. Klinger was shot dead by his son Gary Those were the days. The Plastic Signs of the 60s and 70s. Mark used to Hand letter signs.. He got my Dad making plastic signs with him..

Mark would Draw it out on Brown paper and use a ponce wheel on the letters.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. May 5, Brooklyn Gravesend. Kevin Walsh May 5, - pm done. Joe Fliel May 6, - pm Nah. Just trying to keep you on yer toes.

Joe Fliel May 6, - pm Otherwise, this would be like the Greenpointers page. ManicG October 1, - pm Considering the extent of vandalism visited on that cemetery over the years, Lady Moodys headstone could have wound up in Sheepshead Bay. Harley Nemzer May 7, - pm I know this area pretty well, and you did an incredible job.

Roxanne May 7, - pm By any change did you past Homecrest and Ave. Kevin Walsh May 10, - pm I did, on a different walk. Anonymous August 7, - pm Zeimar.

Your grandparents owned the Grimaldi Jewlery store. JoAnn December 30, - pm I grew up with his sister Linda.

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David October 18, - pm Um.. Joann October 9, - pm David. I am looklng for Linda. Is she on Facebook? She was my moms best friend in high school. Michael Rubino December 30, - am I grew up here and it was an Italian neighborhood. Great Memories. I think when your Mom was young she worked at Tavernas 5 and Rocco Gualtieri September 5, - am Those were the days. Freddie playing stick ball at P. Bum Stadium. Avenue U great memories. Mitch July 21, - am Thank you for sharing this.

In a city increasingly obsessed with brownstones and loft conversions, my own inclination is to err on the side of preservation: that caring for these buildings is making a comeback. Lucky for us, the Brooklyn Collection possesses some great evidence to inform both sides of the debate, so you can decide for yourself. Our collection of Goldfarb's offers a fascinating smattering of photos from pre-gentrified Williamsburg.

ForgottenTour 33, Gravesend, Brooklyn

Situating these alongside current Google images of the same addresses offers food for thought on both ends of the spectrum:. Apparently not much has changed for this old building, including the curtains and blinds! Here the pizza restaurant remains while the liquor store has been replaced by a hat shop established in evidently, but not at this location! Bedford between N. Berry Street between N.

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One of my favorite comparisons Intersection of Bedford Avenue and N. As the following photos show, buildings are not the only New York City relics that have endured a bit of a makeover since the s and 90s:.

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