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Despite washing out of the military academy and despite not planning for any of this, he must quickly learn the realities of what it takes to be in command, and he must do it the hard way -- on the battlefield. Well, it's official: Lois McMaster Bujold has cemented herself into the hallowed ranks of my favorite authors. Has this woman written anything that isn't great? The way she does it is that she's not writing genre fiction at all; rather, she's writing intensely sympathetic and real characters caught up in fascinating situations -- they're just fascinating situations on worlds other than Earth, is all.

Miles Vorkosigan is certainly an interesting character, which is good, considering he's the focus of many more books after this one.

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No, not quite, but that's a tall bar to clear. I enjoyed watching Cordelia deal with the deeply ingrained Barrayaran sexism more than I enjoyed watching Miles deal with the deeply ingrained Barrayaran disability-ism, but that may be because as a non-disabled woman, I found her plight more immediately recognizable than his.

To Miles's credit, however, he spends hardly any time whining or moping about what others perceive as his disability. He gets frustrated, of course, when he comes up against its limitations, but he only descends into self-pity once, and that very briefly, so he remains hugely likeable. The story itself is very quick-moving -- perhaps too much so, at times -- with circumstances flip-flopping multiple times within a single chapter, leaving both Miles and the reader a little befuddled as to how things had gotten to their present state.

Still, it's woven together pretty neatly, and contains some serious shocks that I did not see coming. Seriously if you have not read it, you missed a lot.

Vorkosigan Saga: The Warrior's Apprentice 2 by Lois Mcmaster Bujold (2016, Paperback, Anniversary)

I would like to make a long story short, say again that the novel is great and shut up right now. View all 35 comments. May 26, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: scifisss , x-vorkosigan-saga. Bujold veers towards the bland. Miles is the point. Miles - and Bothari. Bujold does not downplay his past or excuse it - although in some ways it can be excused i would say that brainwashing excuses many things - nor does she overplay his redemption. Bujold definitely knows how to write characters that the reader can feel.

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Feb 14, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi-fantasy , advanture. I have a new favorite Sci-fi series and this is it! I have been remiss in not picking it up sooner and I am repenting. I was already in love with the Count and Countess Vorkosigan and I should have known that their progeny would not disappoint either. After all, Miles Vorkosigan is a combination of their genetic material complimented by the influence of their character and upbringing.

He should be perfect And he is, in ways that truly matter, but neither he nor others see it that way. Miles is smart, charming, born to high nobility, privileged, and is even in line for the Imperial throne. He is well taken care of, had a happy childhood and parents who love and respect him. But despite all of that, Miles is pitied and excluded by most, finding himself always on the outside looking in Because when Cordelia was several months pregnant with him, a political enemy of her husband's poisoned her and the baby, the poison destroying the newly forming bones.

Only a miracle of medical science and an experimental testing kept Miles alive and gave him a chance to grow. The growth was extremely painful and despite the constant surgeries and top care, Miles is deformed, undergrown, and his bones break all the time, even by just a firm grip or a forceful step. Despite the constant physical suffering, Miles has a great personality and a bright outlook on life, never giving up or falling under depression or outside negativity.

His sharp mind and photographic memory serve him well in all situations, particularly at the times he decides to throw himself into adventure. Being the son of a Count, Miles is given a chance at trying out for the Imperial Military Academy but fails fast and decisively. He returns home morally defeated and in order to give him something to do, his parents send him, his bodyguard's daughter Elena Bothari and the giant Sargent B.

Miles is secretly in love with Elena and wants to help her discover more about her mother, hoping this will make her love him too.

Things don't go as planned, since at the moment they reach Beta Colony, Miles finds himself the owner of a junk Freight spaceship and a liege Lord to its jump pilot. In order to pay for the ship he takes on some dangerous cargo and gets himself and his friends involved in a war One thing leads to another and at one point Miles is feet deep in complex issues, having to worry not only about his own life, but being responsible for the lives and payroll of many, many more The situations he falls into are so unlikely, but Miles character is such that you can't help but accept and root for the cause!!!

There was a ton of character development and still our protagonist is given plenty of space to grow. The writing is delightful and the plot has the pacing of a fast developing adventure. I was glued to it from beginning to end and was won over by the flowing storytelling and surprisingly touching details, which made the tale relatable and enjoyable.

I would recommend it to everyone, no matter of genre preference!

The Warrior's Apprentice (Vorkosigan, book 4) by Lois McMaster Bujold

Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need between the pages of a good book!!! View all 56 comments. Mar 25, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: space-opera , sci-fi , shelf. As if three reads wasn't proof enough, right? The beginning and the end is completely scaled back from the wild as hell middle, but that's as it should be. Miles is a brilliant and very flawed character, showing signs of megalomania and depression, or perhaps just being a brilliant bipolar case.

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It sure as hell makes for an interesting read when you bring up all the great world-building juxtapositions. His parents and their homeworlds. Miles's desires versus his honor.

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His momentum versus the pressures. I include both history and gravity for the sake of his poor bones.

I did cry for Bothari. Such a complicated character deserves a bit of silence and a lock of hair.

I also cried for Miles. A lot of that was for joy, but not all of it. When he succeeds, it always feels like a house of cards. It's always like he's dancing on the tripwire of a Bouncing Betty. Miles is just one of those characters that will remain in the annals of memory. The rest of what comes relies even more on that tongue and less from fighting, but that's even more impressive when you think about it. If he wasn't so charming, he really should be shot. And this one is still one of my favorites in the series. Or at least in the top five. How do you get back into the military of your homeworld if they don't want you?

Start your own army, show them you've got what it takes! It's mostly clever and light, and then it wasn't. It was much more poignant for having read the books in the order of the timeline, although Falling Free doesn't align yet. This novel was very fast paced and fun, for the most part, and memorable. He's got to begin his fame somewhere! View all 8 comments.